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"Capitalist Succeed by Serving the Needs of Others"


        The Tuscarora Institute for Enterprise Studies & Advancement, LLC (Registered Trade Name: “TIESA”) was first established on April 1, 1998, by Michael E. Caryl at his family home on Showers Lane, near the Tuscarora Creek in Berkeley County, West Virginia.   TIESA’s purpose is to explore, by objective analysis, and elucidate, by good faith advocacy and creative expression, the principles of free enterprise and their essential role in the advancement of the human condition.  Thus, TIESA’s core philosophy is that “Capitalists Succeed By Serving The Needs Of Others.”©[1] 

          TIESA’s founder, Michael E. Caryl [See Bio] is a life-long West Virginian, an attorney with over forty (40) years of active practice, a published author of both professional journal articles and, through TIESA, of in-depth studies and policy opinion essays.  Many of these can be read on this website at Current Essay, Essay Archives, WV Tax Policy, WV Public Policy, US Domestic Policy, US as World Leader. In addition, since 2003, Caryl has been an award-winning weekly guest co-host of Talk Radio WRNR's "Eastern Panhandle Talk."

          In all of TIESA’s works, its abiding vision is that optimum human progress will be best achieved through societal structures which foster individual freedom and opportunities for self-reliance, and not through structures which foster individual entitlement and dependence on government.  Indeed, it was in his best-selling book The Audacity of Hope, that former U. S. Senator, President (and community organizer) Barack Obama readily admitted that “[a]ny strategy to reduce intergenerational poverty has to be centered on work, not welfare – not only because work provides independence and income, but because work provides order, structure, dignity, and opportunities for growth in people’s lives.”

         Finally, major credit for the technical expertise necessary in establishing this website goes to Andrew N. Caryl of Morgantown, WV.  In addition, earlier, in 2016, Andrew also made major contributions in provding policy research and analysis work which is now embodied in"The Fair 55 Tax Reform Plan for West Virginia." 


        In all events,  unless expressly indicated otherwise, the views expressed throughout the materials in this website are solely those of TIESA and Michael E. Caryl, and are not to be attributed to his law firm, members of his family or any other person or organization.

[1]  ©  2018 Tuscarora Institute for Enterprise Studies & Advancement, LLC


Michael Caryl
TIESA Founder


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